The Elephant on Karlův Bridge – “a complicated story puzzle”

I am so pleased and excited to announce the sale of my novel, The Elephant on Karlův Bridge, to Thistledown Press, for publication in fall 2022. I like to think I write upmarket fiction but for me, this particular sub-genre is a slippery little sicker to grasp. People who know about such things, like my agent, say no, that’s not what I write. So, for now, let’s just call it a “complicated story puzzle” about an elephant that escapes the Prague Zoo around midnight, on July 9, 2018. For the record, an elephant did not actually escape the Prague Zoo on this night, but everything in this novel is true. It was a long journey to here and I am grateful to have arrived and to be in the hands of a brilliant editor. This is the beginning of a long line of self-promotion about this beautiful book that has an elephant named Sal.

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