September is here

September is here and it’s a beautiful morning out there. I have to go back to working in an office next week and I am, honestly, not looking forward to this. I have enjoyed working from home these past months. And of course, going back to work while COVID is raging through my province, does not thrill me. I don’t know who has been vaccinated, or unvaccinated. I know a guy who is unvaccinated and he will not be complying anytime soon. He’s worried it will make him infertile. Or, down the road, all those who are vaccinated will suddenly die. He’s done his research on YouTube and is unwavering. He’d rather find a good counterfeit vaccine passport than get a shot, so he can go to a hockey game. This behaviour is reprehensible. Yes. I am pissed off at him. I find this behaviour to be selfish, egotistical, and beyond stupid. But, it is of course, impossible to argue with stupid. This guy hasn’t gotten sick, yet. And I do not wish that on anyone, but I can see it happening. I did not mean for this to be a rant. This morning, my province’s government is offering $100 to any unvaccinated or single-vaccinated person who gets a first shot, or second shot. Enough. I’m tired of this. I never stopped wearing a mask all summer. And I won’t now.

“Never argue with stupid people they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” –Mark Twain

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