“This is All a Lie” news

While the new book (tentatively called “The Elephant on the Charles Bridge”) is coming along nicely, great things are happening with This is All a Lie.

1) This beautiful review appeared in PRISM International, written by the brilliant Peter Takach  here.

2) The book appeared on the National Post’s best books of 2017 list here.

3) A starred review in Quill and Quire, which says “…This Is All A Lie is a powerful, dazzling accomplishment”

Here’s a bit of process.  I have started to fool around with a character who is a writer and thinks she may have run out of things to say. I worry about this sometimes. The writing is fine but have I said everything I needed, wanted to say? Especially in the quasai-poem-riff format…I wonder if I’m done. I am still intensely intrigued by the characters in my books. They haunt my subconscious, and even my unconscious, and I welcome them. Anyway, I am considering taking a rest and stepping away from the weekly sorbet offerings…and instead, focus harder on the novels…read…walk in the woods…look at mountains….listen to birds. Maybe this feeling of emptiness will pass. I don’t know.

Imagine this: The writer, whose name is Sidsie Howards, thinks she’s run out of things to say – not write, say. She can still write a storm, a kiss, a particular walk, the frisson of a scent. Or if it’s a bit of dialogue you’re after, she can pound out a conversation that says precisely what it doesn’t. She’s not worried about her writing – it’s having something to say…

3 thoughts on ““This is All a Lie” news”

  1. Deb says:

    I was listening to CBC this morning and they were talking about your new book. You have a new book! Congrats. I’ll have to pick it up.

    What caught my attention was that the couple in the book are named Ray and Nancy. I work with a man called Ray and his wife’s name is Nancy. They have been unhappily married for many years.

    I doubt you remember me. My name was Deb Halldorson, you came to our book club and your wife came for awhile as well. I’m happy to hear that you’re still writing and can’t wait to read your new book.

    1. trofs$$$ says:

      Of course, I remember you! One of my favourite book clubs!!! (And I’m not just saying that because it was more like a wine club…HA!)
      I hope you like the Ray and Nancy in “This is All a Lie.”

      Talk soon


  2. Deb says:

    I loved the book. Sad and true and thoughtful. It felt like real life.

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