“This is All a Lie” in bookstores TODAY!!!!


Perhaps today you will go to your local bookstore and ask for the new novel from Thomas Trofimuk…

…A woman named Bernice will sell you the book. “It’s a nice cover,” she’ll say. You do not want to wait until you get home to open the book so you find a café. You sit down with your coffee. You might look at the author’s picture and the blurbs. It is a delightful author’s photo — he looks friendly and maybe even a little fun. You might think, huh, I would like to have a drink with that guy, or, I would like to sleep with that guy. But of course, this may not be his actual picture. The book is titled: This is All a Lie. The author’s photo could be a lie? You finally open the book to the first pages and start to read. But there’s something wrong. It starts on page 315 and the chapters seem to run backwards. The bookstore has sold you a defective copy of the book. Now you’re going to have to take the book back and get a replacement copy. But perhaps this is on purpose. You decide to keep reading…You’ve waited long enough for a new novel from Thomas Trofimuk. You’re going to press on, despite the defective book.

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