The 52nd Poem

Using second person narrative to address both himself and the reader with the same sense of intimacy, Trofimuk manages to combine lyrical descriptions, open, emotional prose, and memorable characters. The 52nd Poem is a loving and sometimes brutal look at the pain of letting go.

Excerpted reviews for The 52nd Poem

“The best book I’ve read all year. It is as beautiful a novel as the landscape he describes so elegantly.”

“…he begins his novel with a poet’s compressed precision, succeeding where other budding prose lyricists fail. Where some write with a fluid (or florid) lilt, and sentiments to match, Trofimuk offers a spare grace of expression and a narrative playfulness…”

“…The 52nd Poem is a Can Lit classic, and should have a place on the shelves of your personal library…a gripping, powerful and moving book…

“…almost every word he records resonates with beauty, truth and tenderness…”