The flowers of mid-June…

We are well into June and I am at 25K words in the “Alien Wife” novel. It progresses not at the normal rate of 1,500 words per day, but a more measured and careful pace of around 1,000 words per day. I have an embedded novella inside the novel (Can I do anything normal when it comes to writing?!?!?) and I have the endings (the novel itself, and the novella) sketched out. So I know what’s going to happen and I am discovered how it happens. I don’t know all the answers. Not yet. But I know the solutions to a couple of the big questions.

Today, after a couple days of hard rain, there is a foot of snow at Miette Hot Springs. Snow in the mountains in June is nothing new. They carry on. The mountains don’t care. And mountain people don’t care.

The novel that is still on the market (Death will always follow the blonde in red high heels), has not yet met the right editor. Soon, I hope — knock on wood. Hope remains.

There are a couple of gigs coming up for the Elephant book. I’ll post them here in the coming weeks.

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