The Elephant on Karlův Bridge

There’s about one month to the release of The Elephant on Karlův Bridge. The link to Thistledown Press is here. You can order the book there, or at your local bookshop, or at all the usual online suspects. I will come to a book club in and around Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to talk about this book. I mean, I love the journey of it, and the characters have become friends, but having been on the other side of an interview with an author, I know I don’t have a lot of time to sell it. Why an elephant? Why did you set it in Prague and not your own city, or any other city? Where did the idea come from? A talking bridge? WTF?!?

Perhaps this:

A five tonne elephant escapes from the Prague Zoo around midnight and as it approaches the Vltava river it decides (for a bunch of reasons) to head toward the city instead of away from it. As the elephant wanders through the city and the night, it touches the lives of a group of characters who are all affected by this meeting. The elephant pushes a dancer toward acceptance, a struggling writer toward story openings, and a fallen soldier toward salvation. The elephant winds up on the Karlův Bridge early in the morning and is pushed into a corner, surrounded by people, and then it all goes sideways.

There’s so much to talk about. Even a conversation about what got cut, or about how the voice (character) of the Bridge grew into its final version. I’m so looking forward to the coming release!!!

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