The elephant (novel) in the room

Jasper National Park — September 2021

I have news about The Elephant on Karlův Bridge. But it will have to wait until the dust has settled, “t’s” are crossed and “i’s” dotted, and I can properly make announcements. In the meantime, I continue to refine The Saudade novel — adding sections and taking away…asking: Does this move the plot forward? Does this reveal character? And if it doesn’t do either of these things, then, why is it there?

I have the fine Kicking Horse coffee this morning, and the temperature is hovering around 3C. It hesitates. Spent a few days in the mountains, at Miette Hot Springs, celebrating a 16th anniversary by climbing up to Sulphur Ridge and then horseback riding. The climb up to the ridge was not too bad for these old legs, however, the hike down almost killed me. My legs!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!! Muscles back there I was neglecting, apparently. Anyway, a near perfect amount of champagne, and wine, and whisky was consumed. It was a fantastic couple days.

More later…

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