November things

This image!!! This image created by the amazing Kevin Sloan. You can see more of his work here:

There are days when I feel like this elephant, balancing on a teacup, which is stacked on a flimsy house of cards….

Hello. It’s been a busy, busy last little while. What’s up with you?  I have been working the Elephant book and now, have started work on a new project that is decidedly different for me — a bit of a Speculative/Science Fiction story. But is it? I mean, all stories are speculative. All stories are mysteries. Still human beings in trouble. Or human beings being bad. Human beings having weird, or bad, or amazing things happen to them — and then what? I don’t know where this new story is going to lead but I am looking forward to finding out. Word by word, paragraph by paragraph, page by page…

Below is a random picture of Elk Island National Park.

2 thoughts on “November things”

  1. Kevin Sloan says:

    I’d appreciate you crediting my artwork when using it. The blue and white elephant “The Sleep of Reason” is the image I’m referring to.
    Kevin Sloan

    1. trofs$$$ says:

      Kevin. Thanks for contacting me. Apologies for not crediting you. I found this image on a site that did not mention you. I will absolutely credit you for your beautiful image. Wondering if this is the right contact. Would love to hire you to make an image for the cover of my book, which is about an elephant that escapes the Prague Zoo. The book is on the market now, no takers yet, but I hope soon.
      Talk soon, I hope.

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